Toko Arctic Mitten Review

Toko Arctic Mitten Review

As a skier who comes from a climate which tends to be bone chillingly cold more often then not, I was quite excited by Toko’s new mitten for 2015. The Toko Arctic Mitten is essentially the warmest glove you can buy which was designed for nordic skiing and which you can even think about getting into a pole strap. In this review I will evaluate the Arctic Mitten in four categories; performance, build quality, specifications, and value.


Firstly, the performance of this mitten is exactly what you would expect from a high quality Toko insulated glove. High quality Thinsuate insulation, and elestic cuff are both features of this mitten. The thing that makes this glove unique in my opinion is its shear simplicity. Most nordic specific gloves are unnesecarily thin for most conditions and are almost always plagued by finger separators. In frigid environments these factors all contribute to frozen digits. The Arctic Mitten solves all of these problems with a single unified finger box and ample insulation in the palm and the backside of your hand. Most importatly as far as performance goes these seemingly bulky mittens work seemlessly with every pair of poles I have used. I tested the strap compliance with the Swix Triac strap and also with the One Way Premio strap, they worked flawlessly with both.


The build quality of these mittens is similar to most other Toko lobster mitts and gloves, very good. The insulation doesnt seem to have degraded at all in the month or two I have used them. The same can be said for the lining on the palm. There seems to be little to no wear.


The specifiactions of this mitten are pretty straightforward. 100 gram Thinsulate insulation, elastic cuff and swiss workmanship are all featured.


And finally value, these wonderfully warm mittens can be yours for only $45. This is fairly standard when it comes to nordic ski gloves.  In my opinion these gloves are warm enough for general use as well. I would also say that for $45 they are significantly warmer than many gloves which cost twice as much.


In conclusion, I can’t sing the praises of this mitten enough. Do you have a pair of Arctic Mittens? Let me know in the comments down below!

  • gregworrel

    Thanks for this review. I have had a pair of the Toko windstopper gloves but they are not warm enough for me for cold conditions. I wonder if the fit of the mitt allows for a heat pack. A comparison to the Swix Icon mitten would be interesting.

    • Hmm that would be an interesting comparison, I have never tried the Swix Icon mitt. And this mitt easily allows a hand warmer on the backside of the hand (at lest for me).

  • Samuel Curtis

    Took your word for it and got a pair. Looking forward to using these on cold days.

    • They are some of the best, going to be -5 this weekend. I will be for sure breaking these out