The Benefits of adjustable Nordic Bindings (Accelerator)

The Benefits of adjustable Nordic Bindings (Accelerator)

One aspect of binding preference that I do not hear brought up much in the SNS vs NNN debate is the ability to quickly easily adjust the position of your bindings (adjustable nordic bindings). This ability is currently only found on the NNN Accelerator system, which its modular NIS plate system. Solomon bindings are mounted like a traditional binding by screwing directly into the base of the ski. All accelerator bindings can be adjusted with the NIS key, and the SSR model can even be adjusted without the small metal tool. The benefits of moving your binding forward or backward are best put by Rottefella themselves:

Whether you have bought yourself new skis or you are using old ones, make sure that you fasten the binding in the middle position on the ski plate. This puts the binding at the balance point of the ski, giving you the greatest flexibility in moving the binding.
For many skiers, good grip is one of the most important prerequisites for a good skiing trip. If you feel that your skis are not giving you the grip you want, you can use the NIS key to move the binding forwards. This will move your weight forwards over the waxed section, which will give you much better grip. Sometimes you may find that your skis are not gliding as well as you would like. This may be because you have applied a little too much wax, or because the wax is too soft. In this case the NIS key can be used to move the binding backwards on the NIS plate. This will move your weight back, resulting in less pressure on the wax.

In conclusion, I feel that versatility is something that adjustable mounting positions bring a user.  It is something which should most definitely be considered when choosing a binding system, this is not to say that the SNS system does not offer its benefits. Do you adjust you bindings based on terrain or condition? Let me know in the comments down below!

  • frankly2

    It is clear that the NNN system allows for flexibility on the snow. If you want more glide on a flat course with little uphills then push binding back a couple of clicks and if you are on a hilly course with a variety of snow conditions push the binding a couple of clicks forward and get better grip. Plus the ski can have a better design since it isn’t going to have holes punched in it. Why everyone isn’t on NNN by now I can’t fathom.

    • I totally agree! I feel like most people on SNS either are just on it because they dont know about the benefits of NNN or the cost of switching is too high.

      P.S. I am ready to rip again this season 😉

  • Hank

    I recently purchased a 2nd pair of XC skis with roteffela nnn bindings attached. The ski shop did not have a mechanic that could size them to my boots, at the time of purchase & it’s a long drive to take them back in. Can anyone tell me where I can get an NIS adjustment key via the web or otherwise ? Thanks, Hank