Fischer RCS Carbon Skate Boot

Fischer RCS Carbon Skate Boot

Like several other boot manufacturers, Fischer has introduced an elite version of their standard RCS Skate, the Fischer RCS Carbon Skate Boot. This new boot comes in the form of the RCS Carbon Skate. First things first, this new boot is available in extremely limited numbers though select retailers. The new boot dodges convention by shedding the Rottefella Accelerator Sole, for a custom in house solution, which Fischer claims to weigh half of the accelerator sole.  They also claim that the power transmission has been improved with this new sole. Although as with the other elite skate boots, that do have an accelerator sole and weigh roughly the same, is this change one that is really an improvement? Time will tell. It is worth noting that a significant amount of World Cup athletes have switched from their previous boot sponsors to these new Fischer boots due to their superior stiffness and fit. Specifically the Unites States Ski team has seen the likes of Andy Newell, Kikan Randall, Sophie Caldwell, Simi Hamilton, and Kris Freeman switch to this new offering from Fischer. Most likely the technology seen in these boots will be available in a more widely available boot in coming seasons. Do you have a pair? Are you getting some? Let me know in the comments down below!

  • iAasen

    Just received my new boots. So happy! They look the part. Better IRL i think. Proper attitude oozing from them.
    Read somewhere here on Nordic review that the new speedmax boots (don’t think they look as good, IMO) are stiffer than these. If that’s the case they must have soles of concrete because these bad boys are stiff!

    • MR

      nice! I just got these bad boys too. you are right … they are very stiff. I am seeing the new speedmax has a slightly thicker/wider ankle support carbon..

      hoping to get solid number of years in these!