Fischer Speedmax Classic Boot 2016/17 First Look

Fischer Speedmax Classic Boot 2016/17 First Look

Fischer has just officially unveiled their new top of the line classic race boot: the Fischer Speedmax Classic boot. This new boot is  a step above the Fischer Carbonlite classic boot. This new model employs a one piece carbon shank and heel counter. The boot ditches the standard Rotefella Xcellerator sole for a more more light weight two piece sole which seems almost identical to the super skate sole found on the Fischer Speedmax Skate boot. The carbon shank in this boot is not of a uniform weave and density. The shank is actually quite pliable in the forward direction but still stiff torsionally. Below I have included pictures showing the differences between the Speedmax skate and classic carbon shanks. The upper of this boot is also quite different than anything we have seen before. It is slightly lower and made from a breathable neoprene fabric. The forefoot is still a more water resistant material. The boot also comes in women’s specific version. (This is the boot which Sophie Caldwell won the Classic Sprint in!). I will be doing a full review of these boots this spring and may possibly be demoing them in the coming days.



The forward flexibility of the carbon shank.


Similar lacing system to the Carbonlite.






Skate sole on the left and classic on the right.







What do you think of the new Fischer Speedmax Classic boot? Let me know in the comments down below!