Fischer Speedmax Classic Boot Preview (On Snow)

Fischer Speedmax Classic Boot Preview (On Snow)

I recently had the opportunity to ski on the brand new Fischer Speedmax classic boot from Fischer. I posted many more up close pictures of this boot here as well as my first impressions. The boot fit very well. It has a similar fit to the Carbonlite classic boot, yet slightly more roomy and obviously much more rigid due to the new one piece carbon fiber construction. The boot has a distinct feel in comparison to the current breed of classic race boots. It is significantly more torsionally stiff, something which is almost off-putting at first, but my feet quickly adjusted. These boots are clearly meant for fast aggressive skiing. They lent themselves to double poling particularly well due to the new carbon sole. This is not to say that they lack in ski feel. The varying carbon weave that these boots employ does its job, brilliantly. Somehow these boots are stiff yet pliable. I can’t quite articulate it, but these boots are some of the most finely tuned I have ever had the pleasure of skiing on. It was quite cold when I tested these boots and they were cozy and warm, more so than many other top of the line race boots.





What do you think of the new Fischer Speedmax classic boot? Let me know in the comments down below!


  • maxfrance

    If the new Salomon ProLink are good as they look, they will be an obvious choice for me, allowing to have the best of both sole-bindings world.
    If not, these are without any doubts the boot to have, regardless of the (quite surely) huge price 🙁