Hands On With The 2016 Fischer SpeedMax Skate Boots

Hands On With The 2016 Fischer SpeedMax Skate Boots

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have the oppurtunity to go hands on with the new 2016 Fischer SpeedMax Skate Boots for the 2015/2016 season. Specifically I had the oppurtunity to try on the new Fischer SpeedMax Skate boots at the on snow demo at the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont. In this article I hope to give you some new imformation and more importantly images of these eagerly anticipated Boots for the 2015/2016 season.

This new boot is a slightly modified version of the RCS Carbon Skate boot wich was released in limited numbers this season.

The improvements are mostly located in the cuff and upper of the boot. The first is the fixed attachment point of the ankle cuff, differing from the variable one found on Fischer skate boots of the past. The second difference can be found in the actual design of the ankle cuff. In this new boot the cuff features much more extensive carbon fiber and a new padding design.

This new cuff is supposeddly more anotomical than the older design and offers much greater torsional stiffness and overall ankle support. There is also a women’s model which comes in white and is specifically tailored for a better fit with female skiers. The new cuff also comes with a redesigned thick velcro power strap, this new design is much more simple that the previous design which doubled over on itself. This new starp simply attaches via velcro, no loop neccesary.I also had the oppurtunity to try this new boot on. Unfortunately I was not able to ski in them because there was only one boot available. But in my short fit and feel test I can report that the boots offers an encredibly stiff and very stable fit, similar to the Salomon Carbon Skate Lab boots. I hope to ski on these boots next season and report more detailed findings.

The carbon lay-up and overall craftsmanship on these boots is pretty amazing. LOOK AT THAT WEVE!!!

The last thing I will share regarding these new boots is a quick comparison of the new two peice light weight Rottefella sole to the Accelerator sole Featured on the Carbonlite Skate boot.

And also a side profile of the two boots side by side.

If you enjoyed this preview keen an eye on Nordic Review for an article coming soon featuring the new SpeedMax Skate and classic skis! Are you going to be buying the new Fischer SpeedMax Skate Boots next year? Let me know why or why not in Comments down Below!

  • Robert

    How was the fit of the boot, wide, tight, loose or firm?
    Does it have straps for easy entrance?

  • iAasen

    Apart from the upper section of the cuff they look exactly the same as the “stop gap” RCS Carbon Skate boot (which I have). Sole and bottom carbon plate is identical. Soooo, if I was buying new boots I’d pick up this years boot dirt cheap when the speedmax launches. Same boot, much cheaper.

    With regard to performance they are similar to Salomons latest offering, but minus (thankfully) the clunky strap over the bridge of the foot (hate them and I’d swear that performance is restricted when natural foot movement is so restricted).

    As I’ve always loved Alpina for classic but hated their skate boots I’m looking forward to trying esk 2.0. Hopefully won’t be as soft as esk of old..

    • Adam Glueck

      I had one of the fishcer double strap boots for skate and really disliked it. It restricted my ankle movement. I’ve been with alpina ever since. I have the ESK pro and ECl pro. I’m hoping the ESK 2.0 is as good as it looks, but if it isn’t, I’ll probably go with the speedmax boot. The ECL pro is a wonderful feeling boot to classic with, and I’m hoping the ECL 2.0 sticks to the same formula while dropping some weight and increasing ankle support with a carbon heel counter.

      • iAasen

        I know what you mean with regard to ankle movement (and movement of the foot in general), but i transistioned to stiffer boots quickly after taking the plunge on Carbon skate (i went from Salomon to Alpina to Fischer) and now i prefer them. I dont lace them up super-tight but allow a tiny-tiny amount of freedom and any issues are gone, plus control and kick strength are way up.

  • Robert

    Hallo Peter!

    I’m trying again.

    How was the fit of the boot, wide, tight, loose of firm?
    Does it have straps for easy entrance?


    • Hey Robert sorry for the slow reply, I totally missed your other comment! The fit is really nice! As far as width goes i would say it doesn’t feel terribly wide or narrow, somewhere in-between. the inner portion of the boot is fastened with a similar quick lace to Fischer’s other boots which fits quite fell. The only strap is the velcro on on the cuff, but I see this as a positive. They just kind of fits, there are no pressure points, its incredibly easy to get the fit just right.

  • Adam Glueck

    Speedmax classic boots (with new graphics) have been sighted. There’s multiple photos of Andy Newell wearing them on the SMS blog, but unlike the previous ones sighted on the world cup they seem to say “speedmax” on them



    Look at his feet

    • Good catch Adam! Those look like they may even have a carbon heel counter. The question is will they launch next season. I find it hard to believe they wont, but you never know. I also found this pick from this summer a few weeks ago, probably an earlier prototype but still cool too look at all the same! I should put all of this in a post over the next few days!

  • iAasen

    Just seen a Speed Max Skate boot on an Austrian biathlete BUT it had a strap over the foot, a la old Carbonlite boot. So that’ll be next years gimmick ready then. (Emil Hegle Svendsen was also wearing an all-white prototype from Salomon). Unfourtunatley the pictures i took suck but i will try and get some more if you havnt seen them, Peter.

  • MR

    I just got the RCS Carbon Skates from last year … I guess previous to the speedmax … for $480 CAD on a closeout sale. Not an Olympic racehorse here but a performance skier. These things fit like a glove and super stiff. Feet are effectively bolted to the skis … the power transfer is pretty amazing. If you are going out for long these will be amazing. The initial $700+ (and some places $900) price mark is pretty gross .. my other choice was the Alpinas ESK pros … fit was good too, price was reasonable at $300 discounted.

  • Never again

    I bought Fisher boots the other winter on sales (not at the high end side) and got to test them only this winter.
    When initially testing the boot it fitted nicely, but when I started to ski this winter I have to admit after spending 150$ for a boots I did not expect not to be able to walk properly after even shorter stroll. This ankle support somehow gave pressure and chafe the both ankles on either side, even after modification it really did not work out.
    So I cannot recommend Fisher to anybody, especially when I wrote to Fisher about the problem, after a month I never received any kind of reply.