Salomon PROLINK NNN Compatible Sole / Binding System

Salomon PROLINK NNN Compatible Sole / Binding System

For all of recent nordic ski history there have been two waring factions in the binding / boot market, SNS vs NNN. It looks like that war may be coming to a resolution. Flickr user Skinørd has posted several Russian product images picturing a whole new binding and boot system dubbed “Prolink” which has an almost identical lug pattern to a Rottefella Xcelerator sole. This leads us to reasonably infer that the two are interchangeable. Due to the nature of the images released by Skinørd it is reasonable to infer that Salmon will continue to manufacture both SNS boots and bindings alongside Prolink bindings for the immediate future.



Some industry intelligence has also prompted us to believe that there will be a full unveiling on the 1st of January. Keep an eye on Nordic Review for the latest regarding this new binding system and its implications for the ski industry. Regardless I am sure we will be seeing a lot more of this Prolink system at SIA in January and Nordic Review will be there to report on the latest and hopefully try the system out on snow!



Are you interested in Salomon’s new binding system? Happy? Sad? Let me know in the comments down below!

  • Frederick Hartray

    Interesting information. I wonder how many more years the SNS system has.

    • Hard to know, but if i had to hazard a guess… not much longer.

  • iAasen

    Rottefella has in the last couple of days said that they will be taking Salomon to court for breach of several laws relate to manufacturing, copyright and other infringements here in Norway.