New One Way Prototype Pole, super light!

New One Way Prototype Pole, super light!

Three hours ago finnish ski gear brand One Way Sport posted a picture on its facebook page of its service members examining what is supposedly a new racing pole prototype.

The post claims that this new One Way prototype pole is the signifigantly lightter (20%) than all other poles on the market, and weighs only 49 grams per meter which is quite impressive. I would expect to see these new poles being used by many of the World Cup biathlon and cross-country athletes on the coming weeks and in the world championships in Falun, Sweden. Are you interesed in one ways new pole? Let me know in the comments down below!

  • ttommi

    I have been told that they may also try a new kind of handle with this pole. The handle may be integrated to the pole itself and coated with similar sticky rubber as they use in hockey sticks nowadays. We´ll see.

    They also have new skating boots coming up, we´ll see if I can get a sneak peak soon..

    • That would be really cool! I bet it would save a ton of weight too. And I am currently working on a post with a bun of pictures of the mew one way skate boots that should be up in the next day or two!

  • Vit

    I remember predecessor of Premio (OW 10 Storm Extra Hot) poles was 5-10g lighter than Premio, but far more prone to breaking. Premio dramatically improved resistance and also was slightly stiffer. So I’m really curious how the new pole will perform in this area after weight reduction.

    • A really good point! Durability is something which many manufacturers over look. When you are spending, lets be honest, an almost unreasonable amount of money for poles it is important that they can hold up too a few knocks in mass start or sprint heat before they break.

  • Robert


    Nice work your doing with this webpage!
    Keep up the good spirit!

    When are you going to post the article and photos of the new OW skate boot?


  • Swedeskinerd

    This Picture is from the Swedish opening november 2014, i’ve seen both Charlotte Kalla and Daniel Richardsson with prototypes