Swix Triac 2.5 for 2016/17 First Look (UPDATED)

Swix Triac 2.5 for 2016/17 First Look (UPDATED)

UPDATE: I WAS QUOTED THE WRONG PRICE. The correct price is $499 USD 

Norwegian pole, wax, and outerwear brand Swix has finally taken the wraps off of its latest top of the line pole, and the replacement for the Triac 2.0. Which I reviewed here. The new version has been dubbed: Swix Triac 2.5. Indicating that this is more of an iterative improvement over the 2.0 than the 2.0 was over the 1.0. This new incarnation of the popular pole boasts a decrease in weight and stiffness by 3% and a decrease in swing weight of 5%. The lower part of the pole has also been significantly strengthened, reducing the likely hood of breaking a shaft in a mass start or sprint race. These new poles will come in at $499 USD. The paint scheme has also been altered, replacing what was the white portion of the pole on the 2.0 with a deep blue hue. The overall finish of the pole is also not a matte texture as supposed to the glossy of the 2.0.




Are you willing to pay this much for a ski pole? Is this upgrade worth the increase in price? Let me know in the comments down below!

  • Adam Glueck

    is swix joking? If it’s an incremental improvement, leave the cost the same. This is just stupidly overpriced. As far as I can tell the new Premio SLG 10 will cost $400 and be lighter, given current sales, you could get 2 pairs of triac 2.0s for the price of these

  • Adam Glueck

    will the 2.0 still be available for purchase, or will the 2.5 replace it like the 2.0 did for the 1.0. If swix’s entry level triac is $800 I might need to switch to one way or KV+ if I need new poles

  • Samuel Curtis

    I got to demo these last Sunday in Sun Valley after the Boulder Mountain Tour. In addition to the improvements in stiffness and reduction in swing weight, I was told that they’ve shifted the fulcrum a bit—to effectively reduce swing weight—although I’m not sure if it was moved up or down from where it was on the Triac 2.0s.

    I’ve got to say, these are phenomenal poles. Incredibly stiff and remarkably featherweight compared to my CT2s… makes poling so much easier. I’d buy them in an instant if I could afford them.

    Funny enough, my teammate broke a pole while demoing. He slipped while putting his hand in the grip, he put all his weight on that pole as he fell onto it, and it snapped in half. (Kind of hard to explain the exact position he was in.) The Swix reps said that was the first 2.5 they’d seen or heard of breaking. Hope this isn’t a bad omen for the brittleness of these poles…

    • I tried them out as well up at copper and have a post forth coming with many more details. One of the cool things which I learned is there is a new kind of velcro on the straps which will not catch on race suits and other perforce clothing! This is huge! And wow that is crazy! They were touting these as stronger that the 2.0s. But I guess all poles are susceptible to the occasional inexplainable break.

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