Marwe Rollerski Summer 2015 Preview

Marwe Rollerski Summer 2015 Preview

Marwe is one of the most popular rollerski brands there is. Based and produced in Finland, Marwe is a household name among skiers world wide. Known for their snow ski like flex and characteristics; many professional skiers and biathletes alike rely solely on Marwes for their summer wheels. Yet in recent years the rollerski market has undergone a huge growth period. With Fischer entering the market this season with new roller skis and roller ski specific boots, and the increasing popularity of brands such as WoodSki and Swenor, Marwes grasp on the market may be waning. For the 2015 season, Marwe will be offering ten different rollerski models, in this post I will look at the strengths and weaknesses of all of these models in comparison to each other and generally outline their 2015 line.


620 XC:

620-XC_1000The 620 XC is the new incarnation of the 610C which was long held as the best skate rollerski available. These are Marwes top of the line offering, used by a huge percentage of the professional field. These skis have a composite and wood shaft to give the best on snow feel. I personally have skied on the 610C’s for the last few years and have loved them so, if these are anything like their older siblings then they truly are something special.

Price: $369.00

610 A:

Marwe_Skating_610_A_pair_1000pxThe Marwe 610A is a less expensive and lighter version of the 620XC. The key difference here is the shaft material. The 610A has an aluminum shaft as supposed to the composite shaft of the 620XC. This is a good option for those who don’t mind the road vibration found in non composite skis, or the price of the 620XC is just a little to hard to stomach.

Price: $279.00

590 XC:

590-XC_1000The 590XC is a perfect introductory, yet still very high quality rollerski. It features the same composite shaft as the high end 620XC but it has wider almost classic like wheels which accelerate the learning curve. The wheels are also slower than those found on the 620XC, making high speed descents and overall ski handling safer and more controlled.

Price: $300.00

590 A:


The Marwe 590 A is a great affordable choice, it has a shorter aluminum shaft than the brands higher end models. This along with its smaller wider wheels crate a stable and smooth ride. This is a great skate ski for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of ski specific training while on a budget or is unsure of their interest in rollerskiing.

Price: $249.00

500 A:






The 500 A is Marwes’ ski for a very light adult skier or for children. They feature aluminum shafts and are a very affordable way to introduce a younger skier to rollerskiing. They come in classic Marwe yellow or pink.

Price: $199.00


700 XC:


The 700 XC is Marwes’ top of the line classic ski. It is the classic counterpart to the 620 XC skate. It has a composite shaft to give it the most snow like feel of any rollerski out there. This is the top of the line training ski for international skiers everywhere. If you are looking for undoubtedly one of the best classic roller skis out there than the 700 XC is for you.

Price: $369.00

700 A:


The 700 A is Marwes’ aluminum shafted classic ski. It offers similar geometry as the 700 XC but with a super light and stiff aluminum shaft. If road vibration isn’t an issue, then these may be the perfect skis for you. Also the aluminum shaft makes these much more affordable than the pricey composite 700 XC.

Price: $279.00


Universal 800 XC:
Classic-800-XC_1000The Marwe 800 XC is one of the best universal rollerski options available. These skis have a composite shaft which gives them their signature on snow feel just as many of Marwes’ technique specific skis have. These skis also come with a removable guide wheel which allows for more natural classic striding (they can be removed for skating). If you want a composite shaft ski but are not so keen on the expense of two separate pairs than the 800 XC may be your best bet.

Price: $369.00


Do you ski on Marwes’? Let me know why you do or not in the comments! Look forward to whole bunch more content on Nordic Review in the coming months leading into the ski season!