Bliz Proflip XT Review

Bliz Proflip XT Review

As a Nordic skier you have a wealth of choices when it come to selecting appropriate eyewear. From general sports glasses made by a myriad of companies, to ski specific shades from a select few brands. The one form of eyewear which was specifically designed for Nordic skiing is the visor. A visor as supposed to traditional glasses offers several distinct advantages: reduced fogging, versatility, and security. Through my testing it became immediately clear that a visor in many instances is far superior to traditional glasses when nordic skiing. In this review I will attempt to evaluate the Bliz Proflip XT visor in four categories: performance, build quality, specifications, and value.


The performance of the Bliz Proflip XT is really an easy topic to discuss because all there is to say is this visor performs exactly as it should. Minimal Fogging, even on steep uphills as well as a very comfortable / secure fit. The whole assembly is also quite light, minimizing head and neck fatigue. The lens has minimal glare and great visibility. Overall the performance of the Bliz Proflip XT is quite boring, in a good way though. It performs just as one would expect and want it to.

The build Quality of the Bliz Proflip XT is once again somewhat unexciting. Over the months that I have tested this visorI have had no problems with the durability of this product. The frame of the visor itself is made from what appears to be a polycarbonate plastic, and has a solid feel to it. The strap also has a solid feel, and has not given me any sign that it is going to give way. It looks exactly the same as the day I bought it. Rest assured the Bliz Proflip XT is a piece of gear that with proper care will withstand the test of many Ks on the trails.


The specifications of the Bliz Proflip XT are yet again quite simple. The lenses are are made from ultra durable polycarbonate which Bliz claims is 10 times stronger than traditional glass or plastic lenses. This visor also includes a rubber nose piece on the lense to increase comfort and offers full UVA and UVB protection. On my (less than perfect) kitchen scale the Bliz Proflip XT came in at 95 grams. The Proflip XT also comes with a clear lens.


The Bliz Proflip XT is going to cost you $149.95, which does make it quite the expensive eyewear solution. Do not get me wrong there are many much cheaper pairs of sunglasses on the market which will provide more than adequate protection from the sun, but in my opinion the Bliz Proflip XT is a next level eyewear solution for nordic skiing. With its increased field of view, decreased fogging, and performance in snow storms, I think there are very few better ski specific solutions on the market. As a result of this, I think that the Bliz Proflip XT is an expensive item, but that doesn’t make it a bad value. If you have the cash to splash then the Proflip XT will serve you very well.


In conclusion, the Bliz Proflip XT is currently my go to eyewear for racing, training, and all things on snow. If you are looking for one of the very best ways to protect your eyes from the snow and sun than the Bliz Proflip XT is the way to go.


Have you tried the Proflip XT? Another visor that you have thoughts on? Or any general questions or comments? Let me know in the comments down below!

  • Samuel Curtis

    I’m willing to accept most of the fashion sacrifices for this sport (skin-tight suits, neon colors, etc.), but visors are the one line I will not cross. Sure, Proflips unquestionably have design advantages, but I’m sticking with my Pursuits. Bring on the fog!