Fischer SpeedMax 2016 Appears (Updated)

Fischer SpeedMax 2016 Appears (Updated)

Well it’s been almost a full two seasons since we’ve seen an updated ski from Fischer, specifically the Fischer Speed Max while still a common site on the World Cup, is due for an upgrade. Over the last week it seems that the Austrian company has finally started publicly testing the SpeedMax 2016 on the feet of world cup athletes. I have rounded up a bunch of shots of these new skis from the sprint weekend in Russia, the Toko service team and of course flicker user Skinørd.There appear to be some changes to the iconic hole tip, which appears to be slightly assymetrical in shape.


This new version of the SpeedMax appears to adopt a cleaner graphics package with a very simple topsheet and plain yellow sidewalls.

Are you excited for the new SpeedMax? If you own the current generation, what changes do you want to see? Let me know in the comments down below!

// UPDATE //

Another good image!

  • ttommi

    They look great! Interested to see if there are any changes in the core construction of the ski, meaning that have they developed their cold base bonding -process to a point that they are able to use the bi-directional carbonlite core (currently only used in the Carbonlite model) in Speedmax models as well. It would lower the total weight of the Speedmax a bit. Then again, I have not noticed any difference between Carbonlite and Speedmax weightwise while skating.

    • Totally! As you say while the slight weight difference between the Carbonlite and SpeedMax aren’t apparent while skiing, it would be the logical next step in the progression of of cold base bonding technology for them to move the process over to the carbonate core.

  • Olav
    • Cool Vid! Couldn’t get much from the subtitles, but the fact that a Fischer representative is talking about the skis on camera may mean that we see a release of the skis sooner than I expected!

  • Andreas

    On the two different pictures above it looks like it is two different tips on the skate skies. In the picture on the top it seems more like the hole tip we have today, but in the second picture is the more assymetical tip. Is one of them carbonlite and the other is speedmax?

    • Yah I was noticing that too, could be the difference between the Carbonlite and the SpeedMax as you say, or it could possibly be just different prototypes or iterations. But good eyes!

      • Adam Glueck

        I’ve seen these skis in a wax trailer in person. and the tip design is a little different. I don’t think it’s asymmetrical, but it’s a little flatter and shorter. They look amazing in person

  • iAasen

    Im norwegian so i’ll translate the video:
    Skis: “We’re making simple changes that overall result in a better ski.
    1. An improved mating machine for better matched skis.
    2. Imrpovment to factory grind/structure
    3. Cosmetic changes to both Skate/Classic
    4. Classic skis have new core ingredients
    At the end they mention a review of the SSR boots and new poles but Oslo Sportslager (Ive worked there) havnt uploaded the clip.
    Hoped that helped! 😉