Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip 2016

Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip 2016

At the ISPO Munich trade show last month Norwegian Company: Madshus, unveiled a new version of their middle of the product line classic ski, the Terrasonic. This new iteration comes in the form of the Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip. This new ski takes their existing Terrasonic ski and combines it with their IntelliGrip Mohair and Nylon ski tape formula. This ski is similar to the Atomic Skintech in many ways but it does offer something a little different. Their kick wax replacement is actually glued to the ski which offers significant weight advantages to the system used by Atomic.

Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip

And of course with this ski coming from Madshus it comes mounted with a NIS plate which allows for kick pocket adjustments by moving the binding itself and modifying the skis compression profile. Here is what Madshus has to say on the ski:

For winter 2015/16, Madshus extends their IntelliGrip System with a climbing skin integrated into the base of the ski. The first model with IntelliGrip Base is the Terrasonic IntelliGrip Classic, a ski made for ambitious cross-country skiers eager to take advantage of a high-performance waxing ski, while avoiding the disadvantages of a conventional NoWax-ski. The progressive IntelliGrip skin profile – the skin is somewhat elevated in the very center – delivers great grip and glide in almost all conditions, while the mix of Mohair (65 %) and Nylon (35 %) ensures excellent durability.

Five years ago Madshus introduced the IntelliGrip Skin, a special climbing skin for XC skis. Unlike the full-length skins for alpine touring skis, IntelliGrip has the climbing skin only in the grip zone of the ski – just like wax or klister. The entire front part is made from polyethylene, the same material as the base itself. Since it worked so well, Madshus now integrates IntelliGrip into the base.

The first model with this technology is the Terrasonic Intelligrip Classic. It never requires the application of grip wax, but it avoids the typical disadvantages of NoWax-skis: the glide is much better than on any kind of fish-scale patterns and there is no rattling noise in an icy track.

Madshus’ IntelliGrip Base weighs less than similar systems because it is glued into the base. Thanks to its lower profile, it allows a larger diameter torsion-box around the core, which results in a higher stiffness of the entire ski. In addition, the progressive skin profile – the skin is somewhat elevated in the very center (just like ordinary wax or klister)  – the IntelliGrip base delivers a better grip. The skin itself is a mix of Mohair (65 %) and Nylon (35 %), as this represents the best compromise on great glide and high durability. In case the skin wears out, it can be replaced, as it is glued in with standard hot glue.

This concept makes the Terrasonic Intelligrip Classic a great choice for two typical use cases:

The Terrasonic Intelligrip Classic is a fantastic one ski for all snow and weather conditions. Instead of spending time in the waxing room, you simply ski longer. For experienced Nordic skiers, the Terrasonic Intelligrip Classic is a great option for delicate waxing conditions, around freezing point, or when the weather changes while out on the track.

The Madshus Terrasonic Intelligrip Classic ski weighs in at 1100 g (190 cm). It features a lightweight Polycell core, a fast sintered P190 Nano base and the NIS 7 binding system. It will be available from 180 to 210 cm from autumn 2015.

Progressive camber profile:
– Raised skin profile in the “wax pocket”
– The progressive skin profile ensures optimal grip and glide in a wide variety of conditions.

Unique mix of Polyethylene and Mohair:
– It ensures long lasting grip and glide while it avoids icing
– No preparations needed. Very aggressive in the kick direction – smooth in the glide direction
– Maintain camber profile Maintain ski stiffness.

The NIS movable binding system gives the opportunity to optimize the camber and stiffness of the ski.

Madshus Terrasonic IntelliGrip

Are you interested in this new low maintenance classic ski? Do wax-less mohair skis have a place in race fleets? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

  • Paul C

    Totally interested in this type of ski. I’m a skate skier who is looking to start classic skiing next season and the simplicity the Intelligrip provides is tempting. BUT curious how it would behave in the cold we have here or in the fluff freshies.

    • I think these skis would suit your needs pretty perfectly from the sounds of it! I have not skied on these yet, but I have skied on the Atomic Skintech which uses similar technology and I can report that the kick holds up quite well in almost all conditions. Let me just put it this way, 95% percent of the time the kick is on par with or even better than the appropriate kick wax solution for the temp and snow type.

      • Paul C

        Cool. You are making a good argument for me to order these from dealer. I will only do one or two classic races a year as skating is priority so this seems like a solid choice.
        Hopefully they aren’t too grippy for double pole hammer sessions.
        Thanks again.

        • Paul C

          I was lucky enough to demo these for the past 2 weeks out here in Newfoundland, Canada. The system definitely works well. Skied with a friend who was using Klister and I had a noticeably easier time gripping, even with my bad technique. The only downside was the skis were weight ranged for 65-80kg and I weight between 79.5kg and 82kg so I was gripping a little even when double poling. I swapped skis my friend to compare and his klister skis were definitely faster when double poling (same weight range skis).
          They are still a front runner for me for next season, BUT it will depend on the weight ranges they make for this model. I am a pretty heavy double-poler so losing out by having the ski grip when you don’t want it too not ideal.