Rossignol X-IUM Premium Skate Ski First Look

Rossignol X-IUM Premium Skate Ski First Look

For the upcoming 2016/17 ski season Rossignol is introducing a new top level tier of skate ski. The Rossignol X-IUM Premium Skate Ski. This new top level skate ski introduces several improvements over the standard X-IUM skate ski. The first of which is the increased running surface. The skis are one centimeter longer overall and the rise on the tip of the ski is very shallow providing another additional centimeter of running surface. As a result of this the ski will be offered in lengths of: 174, 181, 187, and 193. Overall the two additional centimeters of running surface create more surface area to distribute the weight of the skier and result in lower drag and faster skis. The new top level racing ski has significantly more rubust (deep) ABS sidewalls which allow for more stability in cornering and a more precise ski overall. The Rossignol X-IUM Premium Skate Ski will be available in an S1, S2, and S3 (including a white base model). Rossignol will continue to sell the the standard X-IUM only in an S2 mold for $100 less than the Premium variant. The Rossignol X-IUM Premium Skate Ski will be priced at $700 USD.



The 1 cm difference in stated length


New Graphics


New ABS sidewall (premium on the left standard on the right)


white base

What do you think of the latest skate ski from Rossignol? Will these improvements be significant? Let me know what you think in the comments down below!

  • Adam

    Based on that added ABS sidewall it looks like MNC’s own Tim Cobb has a prototype model of the Premium S2…or at least a pre-production run with this past season’s graphics. Perks of your dad having direct connections to Tim Burke, who the skis originally belonged to.

    • Could be that or just standard race stock. I believe that the race stock X-IUM has had these deeper sidewalks for a little while. Are tims sidewalls red? If so then it is most likely race stock. (Which these skis essentially are)

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